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  You're a Technology Company:  
Magic Marketing Ops enables you to use technology 
to get a flood of your perfect clients seeking you out 
- in under 120 days
- without spending a dime on ads
Dear IT Consultant, 

Are you sick of working in a state of feast or famine?  Are you tired of spending hard-earned money on sales and marketing tools that deliver poor results? 

If you are getting good results, do want even more results?  

Are you chomping at the bit to exceed your sales goals? 

Are you worried your biggest client will leave you?  

Do you need new good MRR (monthly recurring revenue) clients each month?

Are you in the dark about all of the powerful digital marketing tools that make finding your perfect clients, showing them your value, and building relationships with them SIMPLER, SMARTER and FASTER?

What social media tools are your competitors leveraging to get new clients and steal yours?

Here are 3  TRICKS your high-growth competitors are using and what we use to get our clients at least 10 new people wanting to talk to them EACH MONTH:

1.  VALUE-BUILDING:  Learn what your prospects care about and then customize your solutions and your online presence to communicate to them that you know what they care about AND that you know how to either fix it or make it better.

2.  LEAD GENERATION: Find 1000's of your ideal prospects through social media, especially with LinkedIn.

3.  RELATIONSHIP-BUILDING: Build relationships with them by communicating with them steadily, so they get to know you, like you, and trust you. Personalize the communication, and contact them several times.

    That's it!  Sounds simple enough, right?
    Well, we all know the devil's in the details, and I'm sure you're sick of spending countless hours and even more money figuring out these details for yourself . . . while your savvy competitors each your lunch. 

    I've been in your shoes . . . 
    And that's why we launched
    Magic Marketing Ops

       Magic Marketing Ops delivers you 

    a cost-effective lead generation system that can get you 

    steady results in under 90 days 

    - without spending a dime on ads.

    Our MMO LinkedIn 3 Day Blueprint:

    1. Trains you in 3 consecutive half-days with a live instructor on LinkedIn lead generation skills.

    2. So that you walk away in 3 DAYS with the skills and system in place to generate steady leads with decision makers in LinkedIn, build relationships with them, and get them REQUESTING to meet with you.

    3. There's NO LAG TIME of you learning on your own time.  Learn everything you need in hours and in only 3 days with LIVE TRAINING!

    4. The training is conducted live via webinar.

    Start meeting with more decision makers each month, boost your sales and your career!

    What You'll Learn from our MMO LinkedIn 3 Day Blueprint:

    1. How to get your perfect clients wanting to talk to you each month

    2. Connect with 100's (or 1000's) of them in LinkedIn's database of 590 million members

    3. How to build a high-quality list of 1,000's of your ideal decision makers

    4. How to build relationships with them so they start viewing you as an authority, and RAISE THEIR HANDS TO MEET WITH YOU

    5. How to differentiate yourself from your competition

    7. How to turn your existing connections into clients

    8. How to increase your sales close rate

    9. How to manage your campaign activity and measure results

    10. How to run this powerful system in little time

    Give your marketing and sales teams actual, proven LinkedIn skills in 3 days so they can deliver you more results.

    Receive On-Going Coaching

    We want to make sure you're getting the best results possible!

    So we're giving you additional LinkedIn coaching to monitor your progress and get your team delivering even better results.

    You won't be alone!



    BONUS 2: Lifetime access to the LinkedIn 3 Day Training group (on LinkedIn) so you can continue to ask questions

    BONUS 3: Lifetime access to updated course materials of the LinkedIn 3 Day Blueprint

    BONUS 4: Automation Tools

    You'll gain game-changing skills many of your competitors won't have.

    And you can start to see results within 30 to 60 days - WITHOUT SPENDING A DIME ON ADS!

    So that now, you're in control.

    • Stop making common mistakes that waste your time and money.
    • Never worry your largest client will leave.
    • Never worry about feast or famine again. Take control of steady new client acquisition.
    •  Gain new tools to help you get even better results.
    • Efficiently get your message in front of the right audience.
    • Build credibility and get your prospects to see you as a trusted advisor.
    • Build your digital marketing knowledge and skills.
    •  Learn tools to help you work faster.
    • Get more new sales appointments and HIT YOUR SALES GOALS!
      What are some of the results our clients get?
    • 20 potential clients meeting with them or wanting to learn more about them in 4 months (includes ramp-up time)
    •  16 potential clients and 7 potential referral partners wanting to meet with them or learn more about them in 4 1/2 months (includes ramp-up time)
    • 3 sales meetings set in 2 weeks
    • Meetings set with billion dollar companies, including closing new sales
    • Doubling monthly recurring revenue in 7 months
    • Building leads-lists of ideal clients to over 1,000 in months
    • All done cost-effectively
    Want more insider information?
    On it, you'll learn how your competitors and peers are using LinkedIn to steadily gain more clients and grow their sales - in little time and with no ad spend.

    You'll learn what's working right now. 
    And you'll learn how simple yet powerful a few LinkedIn strategies can be.

    Register now and learn best-kept secrets to get steady meetings with decision makers, boost your sales, and boost your career.
    Many IT Consultants saw their prospect pipeline and new clients grow with this system:

    Before I started working with Magic Marketing Ops, it was a challenge generating new leads. The old ways of making phone calls and knocking on doors took a lot of time.

    After working with Magic Marketing Ops and LinkedIn, we went from scrambling to find new business to new business falling in my lap. They did an awesome job and the copy was great.

    It was a paradigm shift and the results were amazing.

    I have many more qualified leads and new opportunities. I now wake up and find people wanting to talk to me.

    In 4 ½ months, I got 16 potential clients and 7 referral partners wanting to talk to me.

    Magic Marketing Ops took a lot of pressure off and I now have more time to meet new leads.

    Robert Barzellato, CEO, Paperless Solutions LLC 

    New York City/ Tri-state Area

    I am very happy with the results Deshika and Magic Marketing Ops produced.  Deshika grew my LinkedIn first connections at least 2.5 times and put me directly in touch with 20 ideal people.  Her professionalism was excellent and she always did what she said she would do.

    Deshika is a LinkedIn expert and knows what she's doing.  I appreciated her persistence and effort.  She didn't give up when challenges came up, and went over and above to complete the project.

    Joe Young, CEO/CRO, Global Data Systems 

    New England

    The plan Magic Marketing Ops put together for my company PLMadvisors works very well, and the results were better than I had expected. It was outlined very clearly and following it was easy. Following the plan I sent messages to 200 leads and was able to schedule calls and meetings with 3 of them within two weeks of starting the campaign.

    Andreas Lindenthal, Founder and Managing Partner of PLMadvisors, and Innovation, New Product Development and PLM Expert

    Orange County, CA

    We needed a marketing plan that would help us increase revenue while waiting for our business website to gain traction through SEO.  Deshika and her team were able to meet with me and develop some relatively inexpensive, unique marketing solutions that are helping us bridge the gap and increase our revenue through unconventional means.

    After getting to know our marketing goals, Deshika and her team developed a marketing plan that included utilizing Linkedin's extensive database of information to get our products in front of the right people.  Her creative approach helped identify target audiences that will be very beneficial to our bottom line.

    Her company works under the concept of "give a man a fish and he eats for a day...teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime".  Once the initial plan is set into motion, Deshika and her team provides training to help maximize ROI and helps businesses become more self-sufficient when it comes to [their] marketing.

    Adam Stewart, Owner, LCI Signs

    Denver Metro Area

    The system that Deshika and Magic Marketing Ops developed was the easiest and fastest path to B2B leads that I have ever seen . . . and I have seen and read almost everything.  I cannot recommend her highly enough - unless you are my competition, of course!

    Ryan,  Consultant and Innovator

    San Diego, CA

    “Deshika's [marketing] methods are the most advanced B2B MSP-specific methods I've come across in recent years...”

    Jason, Consultant

    Denver Metro Area

    GUARANTEE:  RISK-FREE 12 Month Money Back Guarantee for our LinkedIn 3 Day Blueprint Training. 
    If you are dissatisfied for any reason, contact us and we will return your money within 12 months of your training purchase.  We just require you to submit proof that you ran LinkedIn 3 Day Blueprint Campaigns to get new client meetings, to show that you did your share to get results.
      What's the story behind Magic Marketing Ops?

    You've made a wise decision to investigate all of the tools that are getting IT Consultants, VARs, and MSPs steady new qualified leads each month.

    After 10 years of producing results in lead generation, sales and marketing in the IT industry, I've found strategies that generate the highest and fastest engagement with business clients, and even consumers.  

    I started Magic Marketing Ops to give the IT community the quickest and easiest path to quality leads, and make sales goals and financial freedom a reality.

    Here’s What To Do Next

    If you want to use LinkedIn to powerfully get you talking to many perfect clients EACH MONTH

    then book a time to talk to me at https://bookme.name/MagicMarketingOps/customized-linkedin-lead-gen-plan

    Or please fill out the pre-application form and someone from our team will contact you to get your questions answered to see if our program would be a great fit!
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    Learn more from our library . . . 
    Do you have a sales problem or a lead-generation problem?

    You’re probably a sales-close expert. You might have taken Sandler Sales training. And you probably close every new prospect you meet, since most of your new prospects are referrals, right?  

    But the question is: how come you’re not getting enough new sales appointments each month?

    The hard reality is that you’re probably not getting enough good leads in the door each month.

    So how do you find new leads?

    Can you really book 3 sales appointments with qualified prospects in 24 hours?

    No - if you don't already have a system in place.  

    You need to set up a lead generation system because a system gives you a repeatable set of steps to follow to get steady results.

    A system helps you track your activity to see what’s getting results. If you’re not getting results, you can analyze what you’re doing and change variables. Then you can test the outcomes caused by the changes.

    What’s a system that works? The best sales appointment systems include lead generation and marketing tools to get the leads to want to meet with you.
    Three keys to getting steady sales appointments

    Getting steady sales appointments with new prospects is tough to do every week or even every month if the following 3 items are missing: a large number of ideal prospects, relationship-building, and offering a solution your prospects want.

    We all know people invest in services from those they know, like and trust.

    If you can answer the following questions, you're in good shape to get regular sales appointments each month.
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